Orchard Court Surgery

Practice Philosophy

Orchard Court's practice philosophy is that we aim to provide accessible, high-quality health care to all patients in a friendly, open, non-judgemental and professional atmosphere.

Practice Description

We have 4 male doctors and 3 female doctors. Of the male doctors, Dr Schmidt is full time and the others are part time.  Our female doctors, Dr Stone, Dr Saweirs, Dr Woolder and Dr Willson are part time.  We also from time to time have medical students attached to the practice.

We have two female Practice Nurses, all of whom offer a full range of services including health promotion, blood pressure management, immunisations, cervical smears and chronic disease clinics such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease. 

We also employ a Practice Assistant to help our Practice Nurses with many nursing procedures such as taking blood samples, dressing changes, new person health checks etc.  We have a Practice Manager, a deputy Manager, one Secretary and seven Receptionists.

The Practice has recently employed a clinical pharmacist to help with our prescribing.

We also have other members of the Health Care Team who visit from time to time including District Nurses, Health Visitors, Community Midwives, Community Psychiatric Nurses and Counsellors.

We provide a full range of medical services including maternity care, contraceptive services (provided by all the doctors and Sister Dodsworth, who is family planning trained), child health surveillance and minor surgery services.

New Patients

To register with this practice, please speak to the receptionist, who will discuss your registration with the Practice Manager.  If accepted you will be offered a 'new patient medical'.

Patient Choice of GP Practice

GP practices in England have the choice to register new patients who live outside their practice boundary - These new arrangements are voluntary for GP practices and Orchard Court, at present, are not taking part in this service, due to capacity issues.

Home Visits

If you require a home visit, please contact the surgery before 10.00 am on the day that you require it.   You will usually be visited between the hours of 10.00 - 14.00.  Where possible the doctor who knows you best will visit you at home, but this is not guaranteed as visits are generally allocated considering geographical location and on call commitment. 

Please do not request a visit if you are able to attend the surgery as your doctors time could be better spent seeing patients than being caught up in traffic.  Please bear in mind that a home visit takes on average five times longer than seeing a patient in the surgery.  We can also offer much better facilities at the surgery to help diagnosis and treat a problem than we can do on a home visit. 

Only request a home visit after 10.00 am if it is an emergency as this will involve the doctor having to leave the surgery, thereby inconveniencing patients who have made appointments and who may have urgent medical problems.

Violent Patients

We would like to make it clear that violence and abuse from patients against our staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  These patients will be reported to the police, maybe subsequently prosecuted and struck off the practice list.  The Government and the NHS has made a commitment to also stamp out violent and abusive behaviour.

Disabled Access

The surgery was purpose-built and so allows access to all of our patients.  This does include suitable access for disabled patients for example those in wheelchairs.

Named accountable GP for all patients

Every Patient registered at Orchard Court is allocated a named GP who will be responsible for their overall care at the practice.

Please contact the practice if you wish to know who this is.

We will make every effort to allow a preference in your named GP, but this is not always possible due to equality in the GP workload.

Publication of GP Earnings 2015/16

The average pay for GPs working at Orchard Court in the last financial year was 88,857  before tax and National Insurance.